Bridge Financing is a short-term loan to assist companies with their short-term capital needs.  Examples include:

  • Financing to support working capital requirements for an interim period awaiting an asset sale, company sale or IPO.
  • Financing to acquire equipment for project competition.
  • Existing debt refinance.


We focus on lending money to companies with quality management teams who have a clearly defined purpose for the capital, who have an acceptable level of collateral and cash flow and a clearly defined path to repayment.


Loans are secured via company assets and typically repaid from internal cash flows, traditional bank refinancing, the sale of a company/assets, IPO or the collection of government tax credits.



Loan Amounts: $1 million – $10 million
Terms: Typically 1 to 3 years.
Interest Rates:
  • Competitive based on the risk profile of the deal.
  • Paid monthly.
Industry Focus: Oil and Gas (producers and service companies), Real Estate, Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture, Transportation, Film and Professional Services.

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